Error Detection Help


I have 12 tracks all mixed and ready to Master in Wavelab.

When I run (in Audio Workspace) one of these files and select the error detection method as digital click Detection, I get “too many errors have been found >1000”.

But when I look at the Audio file, it just shows a bunch of errors at the beginning, but not thereafter . I would of thought it would be throughout the song. I’m trying to interpret the error detection methods and settings for this, but the documentation really doesn’t tell me much. I want to be able to figure out whether the errors are significant or not.

My file is at 88.2k and 24 bit. I do have Wavelab set to 88.2 and 24 bit. For what it’s worth, the file sounds really clear (no distortion) and I checked for clipping and found none at all.

I did try to run the error correction for a commercial CD and it came up with a whole whack of errors, but until I understand how to interpret the errors, I can’t really proceed further.

thanks for any help

I recommend to experiment with the different settings of error detection. I have also found that with the digital error detection I get too many hits also if no error is there.
I get better results with the other two options of error detection (also if you are looking for digital errors), the default setting is a good starting point.
You should find a setting which does not give too many errors and then look at the markers one by one to get a feeling for the output.


Thanks for the info. I’m going to contact my CD replicator to find out what is an acceptable amount of errors. If they get too many, then they will not replicate the CD’s. Also found some info on the topic of errors;

By using Shift F1, I was also able to get the question mark to come up and more info on the Error Detection parameters was revealed in the Error Dialog box

I think you talk about 2 different things Wl Audio error detection has got nothing to do with
the error messurement on that page! They show an error messurement of a burned CD-R with PlexTools
that gives you information how good your burned CD-R is don’t use chepos buy taiyo yuden CD-R’s then you get good burning results!Ask PG for your problem he can better explain how it works.

Yes, that is for CD’s, but that is good to know for later on. Sorry for the confusion.

I guess what I’m trying to correlate is the error correction to use in Wavelab 7 and decipher the errors to see which ones to fix and which ones not to fix. To my ears, I can’t hear the difference when they are fixed, so I’m wondering what other people do. I suppose I could fix all the errors, but I want to know if they need fixing or not.Besides all the other errors, I haven’t got any pops/clicks on the audio tracks so far.

I simply trust my ears, and I suggest you do the same. I never got the hang of the error detection function in WL, but like Lutz says, if you have a file with errors (because your ears tell you) it may be a good idea to fiddle with settings until you get a believeable amount. Then it can be helpful to work from there. Even then, I get warned about regular snare drum hits as an error - don’t believe it!

BTW, the fact you only see errors at the beginning, is because WL stops looking after those first 1000 it warns about.

Luck, Arjan

Outstanding advice.