Error detection

What are the best settings for error detection? Whenever I use it, I get a message stating that there are over 1000 errors. When I apply the correction, I can actually hear clicks when I didn’t before. Is this a necessary feature even though the clicks originally can’t be heard? Or should I just skip this if I am not hearing any clicks myself? I just want to be sure that inaudible clicks aren’t a big deal.

You probably used the Factory Preset called “Click Detection” right? That uses the Digital Click Detection method (there are 3 methods) and I find that method to be virtually unusable because it finds thousands of false positives even if set for the least sensitivity. You might try one of the other two factory presets. They use different methods that are much more useful imo.

I’ve made my own presets based on the factory presets, tweaking the method, sensitivity, and threshold settings, available if you click the Edit button.