Error doubling note duration of tuplets/triplets


Tuplets/triplets don’t seem to work with:

Write > Edit Duration > Double note duration.

As you can see here:



Please ignore the chords in the second image; I will enter them again manually as I already know they aren’t affected by the ‘double note duration’ tool.

I was doubling the tempo from 90 with swung 16ths to 180 with swung 8ths.

Thanks for your help.

Yes, for now you might find that if you remove any tuplets before doubling note durations (with Insert mode active, so they don’t overwrite anything) and then re-insert tuplets of the required ratios after doubling, you’ll end up with what you want more reliably.

(In case you weren’t aware, you can specify the note duration in the tuplets popover, e.g. 3:2e for triplet 8ths - that can make it a bit easier when adding them back in as you don’t have to change the duration selected in the Notes toolbox each time)

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