Error "dre-426" with new buyed Dorico pro 4 upgrade

I just bought an upgrade from dorico elements 4-dorico pro4,but when I type in the activation code I got this error.By the way, I asked a trial version of dorico 4 pro yesterday and activated, is that related to the error???
And, cant find any way to email the Stenberg company and don’t know why…

Unfortunately I have no idea about that error code, but here is a link to our customer support and where you can open a support ticket.

nah this site is not helping anything, it even didn’t offer me an email address
could you please give me a support email address?

Click on the “Submit Ticket” button. Then login with your Steinberg account (most browsers will fill this in automatically).

i konw this site,but useless, it only gives a link to find local supporter like

What country are you in?


@Vagalyde_P, if you send me a private message here on the forum with some more details, I can look into your case for you. It looks like you may have multiple Steinberg ID registered with different email addresses, as I can’t find your existing Dorico Elements 4 license? If you can send me some more details I’ll happily look into this further.

By the way, the dre-426 error you have encountered means that the system cannot find an eligible Dorico Elements 4 license to upgrade to Dorico Pro 4. But I’m sure we will be able to get this straightened out if you send me some more details.