Error during grace period check

my cubase pro11 is shown as eligible in eLicenser center ,but it always goes error during grace period check when i try to update to v12. what should i do ??? Can i upgrade to 12

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Please have some more patience and try again later. There is a lot of traffic on the server right now.

when will you fix this problem???

Unfortunately there is nothing to fix. There is just too much traffic on the server. We have to wait until the peak is getting down.

Do you know when would the peak get down, after 25hours it still said “error during grace period check”

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I would also recommend closing Steinberg Activation Manager, opening eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) and performing the maintenance tasks just to see if there are any other error messages which could be affecting this process.

Sorry for all the trouble - we’re working hard to try and get back to normal!

there is no problem in eLicenser center ,just keeping error in activation manager.

the same by me

All I can recommend is that you try again periodically as our eLicenser servers are starting to recover.

I just tried now…the same…
do you have any idea when will it work?

three days already passed, the same error still appears. how long we have to wait for?

This bro solved my problem,how about you try what he said.


that helped… thanks alot