Error Exporting Audio msg on Dorico Pro 4

Hello, I am experiencing an “Error Exporting Audio” message on Pro4.
I use NotePerformer.
I checked all Exporting Audio Dialog box options and did not face any problem with Pro 3.5 version previously.
Anyone faced such a problem?
Any recommendation?


Export Audio seems to work OK for me here when using NotePerformer. Does this problem occur for all your projects, or just one? Is the problem only for audio export, or is playback affected too?

Hi @Mehmet_Celebi , please start Dorico 4 again and then choose from the menu ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Hi Ulf thank you. Here is the diagnostic report. . I use Windows.
I have no problem with playback and all my scores are effected by this.
All the best
Dorico (388.8 KB)

Hi @Richard_Lanyon I have no problem while playback and all my files are effected.

Hi @Mehmet_Celebi , thanks for the data.
It’s pretty clear now, it is a path name issue. In the audio engine logs I see following:

File: /C:/Users/mehmet.celebi/Documents/Dorico Projects/Flows from SiS/01 - I/Sis 2021 - I.wav
Audio Export: Folder path does not exist

But I don’t understand why it is choking over that path. Could you please post that Sis 2021 project? You can delete all the notes from it but retain the project name and flow structure, then I can try to reproduce the issue here on my end. Thanks

Hi Ulf,
The problem is due to this particular path for some how. Directing the export to another file resolved the issue. Sorry for wrong alarm…

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