Error Exporting Audio.

When I try to export audio as mp3 from Cubase, i usually and quickly get a message saying “no more encoding”. The file was exported successfully even when I get the message. But when i open it, media player gets an error saying failed to find connectable filter, and a drop down menu with only one option shows " File Source (Async.)::Output ".

If i were to import that file into Cubase, it’s basically a blank file.

If I were to export it as a different extension, It only exports 1 second of the audio.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Which version of Cubase are you using? :confused:

Are you saying that even though your trial MP3 export license expired you were still able to export as MP3 successfully?


Do you get only the “1 second” of audio when you export as WAV?

Do you have your locators set correctly?