"error flags" - not sure of proper name for these!

I have a score which changes time signature from 3/2 to 3/4 twenty five bars into the score. two hundred or so bars later, it goes into common time. All the bars between these two points have an error flag saying “3/2 (h, 1+1+1)” even though the 3/4 time signature is present at the beginning of this section. What am I missing?

Those “error flags” are called “signposts”, and they don’t signify errors: they signify that something is hidden. If this is your MusicXML file from MuseScore again, then that will be the reason for it: something about the way the bar lengths are specified in the MusicXML file disagrees with the last explicit time signature, so Dorico ends up having to create irregular bars in order to square the circle of what the MusicXML file specifies. You can usually select the barline at the position of the signpost and hit Delete to remove these irregular bars, but of course you’ll then find that the music is rebarred, so you will need to be ready to add the needed time signature once you’ve removed all of the irregular bars.

Thanks Daniel - now switched them off. Actually it was a Photoscore MusicXML file.