Error Installing USB Driver Update for URM28

On trying to apply the USB driver upate from the Tools for URM28 v110 I get an error message which says Processor not adeqaute for running Yamaha USB Driver ??? This occurs in the 32bit install update. Not tried the 64bit yet?

Current driver version is 1.5 trying to update to 1.6.1.

The laptop uses a Intel i5 processor. The OS is Win7 64bit.

Anyone seen this one and/or know a solution.


OK so I’m having a bad day.

I guess that as Im installing the hardware drivers and related apps on a 64bit OS I should use only the 64bit install and not the 32bit.

So I guess the apps which are associated with the URM28 hardware need to be 64bit and this is not the same as installing software such as 32bit Cubase AI6 on the 64bit OS.

Now to see if the VST Rev X and Channel Strip will work OK on the 32bit AI6 which I am running due to running other 32bit plugs and trying to avoid bridging issues.

If I missing something here please feel free to post and correct me.