Error: Invalid or unsupported file!

Has this message troubled anyone else lately?(see heading)
I’m getting it after I copy the entire project folder to a new location and also when I use the backup project function to a new location. I end up having to re-import the OMF to get the media back.
If i exit Nuendo and try to play the file with another media player, it fails to play. I’ve tried renaming the file and changing the file suffix from aif to wav. No love.

and… Not sure if this is a related or second/side issue,
Sometimes when I import an OMF from fcp, it will finish and there will instantly be a missing file. Its like the media in the OMF could not be connected and placed on my timeline. I have an empty clip there but with no media attached to it.

This is happening on N5.5 and N6.03
OSX Snow leopard and Mountain Lion

What is the file type - could it be a video file by any chance?
I ask as I have indeed seen this - but only with Video files from Mac systems where the chosen codec is one tied to FCP.

Thanks for your post Neil. in both issues the file that cannot be played is a .aif or a .wav file 16bit 48K. mono

The OMF import issue pops up before I import a video onto the timeline.
Reckon its some kind of T.C. stamping issue?

Hi Soundy,

to help you we need to know a bit more about the circumstances.
The interesting point is, at the time you copy (or backup) the whole project folder, are there references to a) media outside the project folder and b) to wrapped OMFor AAF archives?
You mentioned you have to re-import the OMF. Was that OMF embedded (one package) or referenced (folder with many files)?
From your report I guess you have an embedded OMF file and Nuendo is extracting while it imports it. So the file you tried to play by the mediaplayer was extracted by Nuendo from the OMF package. Is that right?
As a tip, please try to convert all the files to WAV format (select all in the pool, then use convert) before moving the project.

As we might have to exchange some media data, could you please contact me via email: Thanks.

Best regards,

Hey Thorsten,
Thanks for your reply. In reply to your queries
The OMF issue:
All audio is wrapped in a self contained OMF created by FCP. When I import, I select “all tracks”, “Import all media files” and choose “import at timecode position” When I get an OMF with “missing” media in it, on many occasions I’ve tried re-importing the OMF only to have the same re-occurring file appear as missing. I’ve spoken to editors and online editor and can guarantee the offending file on the FCP timelines are always simply placed with no transition effect or any other edit what so ever. Odd huh? I’ve tried opening the same OMF with soundtrack pro and it is able to open the OMF no problems. I always import the video file after importing the OMF in case I have any of these errors might occur.
Aside from AVTransfer (from about 10 years ago) I haven’t used any other OMF import programs. In order to test the OMF before importing to Nuendo, does anyone know of any others, aside from Shmowtools?

The File transfer issue:
All media (audio and Video) are contained within the project folder. No external files. I’m very neurotic about this!!!
Any extra audio i.e SFX etc is copied to project folder. What is very odd is that this issue has only popped up in the last 6 months or so… I access Nuendo files dating back to 2007. Have not had any of these issues at all since now. I’ll try your suggestion to convert all files to WAV before moving the folder. The next time a “missing” audio file pops up I’ll email it to your address provided.
Thanks again and best regards

Hi Thorsten,
I received and successfully imported an OMF(A) from an editor who uses FCP. The project originally had *.aif files in it. Following your suggestion I converted all audio to *.wav files. I kept the sample rate, width, channels but changed the file format to Wave File and replaced files. This now gives me a pool full of WAV not AIF files.
Today I created an OMF(B) from this completed project.
Out of curiousness, I imported the OMF(B) just created into an empty project. Lo and behold, the famous “missing File” issue. I should point out there were no errors in the original OMF(A) or missing files in the project. All audio was contained within the project folder.
I can email the original WAV file from (A) and also the file that is unplayable from OMF(B).
I reimported OMF(B) and it worked without error. I cant reproduce the error on demand.

Thank you, Soundy. We will investigate this issue. I may get back to you via email if there are questions.

Best regards,

OH great thanks Thorsten! good luck!

Hiya Thorsten and Forum,
The condition of the drive where the issue happened last is fine. I verified it and it did not return with errors.
The format is NTFS and is less than 1 year old. its a WD caviar black 2TB 7200.
This problem also happens on another system which is attached to a massive SAN via fibre channel.

Following your advice, I changed the template of my project from AIFF to WAV file in the Project Setup window.
I then imported an embedded OMF into a new empty project. My timeline is then full of AIFF files so I convert them all to WAV files as per recommendation. Did some work on project but did not finish.
I open the same project and I have 10 files with same type of errors. Previously I only ever had 1 “missing” file. If ever.
Its a good thing I still have the original OMF file so I can reimport the missing media.
I’ll send you a zip file with a copy of all the “missing” files.
Have tested integrity of hard disk, by Verifying and Repairing with disk utility. Report says disk was fine.
Today I did notice Nuendo writing one of the files as “._filenamehere”
Isn’t it very not OK to begin file names with a dot and an underscore?

Want me to send you more of these naughty files?
Hope this is helping diagnose the issue…

Hi Thorsten and everyone else,
About fifty OMF file imports and about the same project folder transports later I can report no errors.
The answer to the riddle?
Only use HFS formatted hard disks on mac machines.
When it comes to MAC audio DAWs, do not use NTFS drives and think you can install third party software that will let the Mac OS read and write files without error.
Always use your disk utility to re-partition the disk to Mac OS Extended (Journaled)