"Error: Invalid Parameter" after fresh installation

I recently had a boot drive failure and had to reinstall Dorico after fresh installing Windows 11. Two files for a current project give me the error “invalid parameter” followed by “Error opening file” directly after. Any advice or clues as to how I may be able to open these so I don’t have to re-do all of the prior work done?

Welcome to the forum, @s.alex. Sorry to hear you’ve had problems with your computer. You can zip up and attach the project file that won’t open and we can see if it might be recoverable, though we can make no promises. However, hopefully you might find that one of the recent backups in the Backup Projects folder inside your Dorico Projects folder can be opened successfully.

Hi, @dspreadbury

Thanks so much for your quick response! Editing to update that I was able to fix the issue by downloading the zip file I previously uploaded here. Not sure why that fixed it, but by zipping, uploading, download, and unzipping, I can now access the files again without any issues!