Error loading preset 01 PFL Preset VIPRO

Yesterday I tried to work on a piano 4 hands suite I just write for an international online teaching project on my home system. The VIPRO piano sound lib couldn’t be loaded. Even after having installed the newest version of VIplayer PRO2. This morning I tried to work on an orchestra score, as I do every morning at home. NOW also this score experienced the dame problems. VIplayer PRO 2 cpildn’t load the necessary libraries. The VSynchron Libraries didn’t have any problems! But VI PRO2 showed the : Error loading preset 01 PFL Preset VIPRO. Using the standalone player VI PRO2 worked fine without any load errors. The problem occured after having installed the latest Cubase 11.x.20 beta release candidate. Could there be a change in the plug-in managemant in that version, causing this malfunction? Will try my scores in the studio later. There everything worked fine lat time.