Error message after H Sonic Demo Expired

My HS demo expired a while ago and ever since I keep getting an error when opening both Cubase 6.05 and Cubase 5.53 that says "License error - No valid License found for Halion Sonic Factory Programs Preset 1, Preset 2. This error comes right at the end of the app load process. Cubase 6 dies work fine though after I click to close the error box. It’s just a little irritation.

To try and get rid of this message I removed the HS App, I removed the plugins, removed a folder in the App Support (forgot the name) for HS. I also removed what I thought were the actual HS presets!

I also now get an different kind of error message when I try to use HS SE in a project. It’s a very long error message that shows a ton of preset names and says theres an error for HS presets (not and error for HS Sonic presets). HS SE does load though if I cancel the error message but it loads slow.

I couldn’t find an uninstall option off of the HS CD that came with Cubase 6.

Any suggestions?


I’m getting the same message in 6.5.1

it gives me the same message when I open Halion Sonic (the full version) and Halion 4