Error message Dorico 4 Pro

I am regularly getting the Error message "Read-only file system Error creating zip file:/Name of project here.
This is true on factory templates and projects created on previous versions fo Dorico.

Intel Mac Mini, OS 11.6.5, Dorico 4.0.31

Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 10.14.10 PM

Welcome to the forum, @Tony_Pro.

Please check the file path to where Dorico wants to save the project to. Do you have access rights to it?
E.g. when you open one of the demo projects, modify it and then want to save it, you will also get that error, because Dorico will use the same path as the original project file and that is in a protected area. So if you redirect to your home directory it should work.

Hi Ulf,

Thanks for the reply and the welcome. I am not initiating this process. These error messages randomly pop up. Just saving the project does not generate the error.

I am saving to two different drives, I checked both for permissions and the settings look good. One is the default home directory on my system drive, where I believe I am also getting the error message.

I’ll monitor this and try to do some testing and report back if it continues. Any more advice appreciated.

@Tony_Pro, the next time it happens to you, open the Activity Monitor. In there find the Dorico process and do a double click on it and select the Open Files and Ports tab on the pop-up. Maybe there you can see that file and find out the exact path to it.

Thanks, I’ll try that!

I’m just trying Dorico 4 and having the same pop-up message. M1 Pro MacBook Pro 14, latest os and Dorico updates

mikeheels - my messages just quit showing up, not sure why. I never followed through with searching via the Activity Monitor as Ulf suggested. I did check my permissions, which were all correct.

@mikeheels, are you able to save projects themselves successfully? Does this message only pop up sporadically, and not when you’re actively trying to save the project? If so, then it suggests that the issue is with auto-save, and perhaps the folder that is specified in your preferences file is inaccessible. This might happen if you have e.g. migrated your settings from one computer to another and copied your Dorico user data folder between computers, and the account name on your new computer is different than the account name on the previous computer.

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Thanks so much @dspreadbury !

It is indeed sporadic, and it doesn’t prevent me from saving the files themselves.

I keep my projects folder and the auto-save/backup folder on DropBox, would you say that could be the culprit?

An in general, is there any downside to having project files inside drive folders (DropBox -iCloud - OneDrive) ?

Thanks again for your help/recommendations


I would suggest keeping the auto-save and backup folders on your local drive, rather than in cloud storage. It’s not impossible (however unlikely) for there to be issues with syncing cloud-enabled directories that could render your auto-saves or backups invalid, so my recommendation would be to have those folders in their default locations, i.e. inside your user-level Dorico application support folder.

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