Error message during update - Elicenser disabled

I dont understand… i thought there is no need for elicenser , but the activation is not working , and pending , I tried to update the elicenser , its failed , what can i do?


Cubase 12 doesn’t use eLCC. But of course you need eLCC when you are updating from eLCC license to the New Licensing System.

If the Elicenser USB key is disabled it means it was flagged as used for Steinberg Zero Downtime, or similar.

The only way to deal with this is to contact support.

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but the elicenser still works with my cubase 9.5
if i get a new empty elicencer will i be able to activate cubase 9.5 on it and then upgrade to 12?


Why did the Steinberg Zero Downtime happened, please?

To answer your question more info is needed.

Did you use Steinberg Zero Downtime?

no i didnt


Unfortunately, the only way to find out what’s up with the USB Elicenser is through Steinberg Support.

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but i didnt found a way to contact steinberg support , when i want to open a ticket ,it gives me lists of distributors , I called the distributor in my country but they dont know how to fix it