Error message - HALion 6

Most of the time I use Noteperformer, but I (believe) I need to use the default Steinberg playback library if I want to take benefit of the Groove Agent SE drum set playback and drum patterns.

I have most likely done something unintentional or “stupid” to unwittingly invoke HALion 6 .

Please, how do I remove whatever is causing this error message?


The screen shots show Steinberg Library Manager and the error message.

HALion 6 is still copy protected by the old eLicenser.
Do you still have a USB-eLicenser with the HALion 6 license?
Or as a SofteLicensor?
What if you open the eLicenser Control Center, does it show a HALion 6 license?

You can also check on the Play page of Preferences which flavour of HALion is chosen.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks - I appreciate the insight you have to where to look. I checked, and by some quirk I had got the preferred setting pointing to Halion not Halion Sonic. Once I corrected this the error message has so far not recurred.

Many thanks


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