Error message improvement

So I spent 7 hours trouble shooting before I even got Cubase 9pro to just launch and open.
The reason?
That dreaded death error after clicking the Cubase icon on my. Desktop reading something like:

‘this Steinberg product does not support basic or high contrast themes. Please go into control panel and choose an Aero theme.’

Even after I did this it refused to launch delivering the same message.

Suggestion: Share the knowledge with a dropdown
So I am sure the Cubase developers know exactly what services need to be running on windows in order for Cubase 9 to run? So… Why not include a simple drop down menu with the error message headed 'things to check it would have been very helpful to me to be told that both the themes service AND desktop management compositor service MUST be available for Cubase to run.
This would have saved me 7 hours of pain!

I hope you guys might consider doing this wherever possible on all error messages. Don’t just announce the problem, announced any obvious solutions too!

I got the same error message - not a big problem, but I am a little disappointed.
I disabled Aero on my Windows 7 - the windows reacts quicker this way.

To get rid of this error I had to enabled Aero - the error gone.