"Error" message keeps reappearing after Cubase restart for every project

when moving musical notes of a midi event outside of its boundaries, this message always appears. If you click on “Please, don’t ask again.” you can get rid of it, but only until you restart Cubase, then you have to do it again for every project you are working on.

If I close a window with “Don’t ask again”, I expect it to not show up again, like it works everywhere else in every other program out there. Instead it reappears every day on every project and I still have to click it away.


Steps to reproduce:

  • create a midi track
  • add a midi event and draw some notes in it
  • move them outside of the boundaries of the midi event and click on “Please, don’t ask again” and then choose one of the two buttons below
  • save the project, close Cubase
  • open Cubase and this project
  • repeat steps 1 - 3
  • message appears again