Error message- Not conneced to internet, but I am!

Bought Cubasis this week for my tablet, Android.
Works well, then bought the plugins. Got an error message every time I paid saying the payment may get refunded (in 3 days) because it was not completed somehow.

Yet it seems it was, as I can use the plugins…

Has anyone else experienced this odd behavior?
I do not get this error with any other app I buy.


Hi @DNA0101,

Thanks for your message.

Could the issues be rated to the the Google Play Store.
Are you able to use the in-app purchases, and are these shown as “Bought” in the in-app shop?


Yes, Lars I just checked my Google payment history and they were purchased. The Cubasis app and all plugins.

The good news is, all the software seems to run fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

The only odd item out is the free Reverb plugin, I can not connect to get it. No big deal as there are others.


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Thanks for the update, @DNA0101!
Glad to read this!


The free Roomworks plug in registration has been bugged before altho that was fixed and you shouldnt have problems getting it.

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