ERROR MESSAGE SAYS Licence missing

When Dorico 4 Pro is loading Halion SE when I start a new project I get the error message in large red letters: LICENCE MISSING
A moment ago I tried to open Dorico 4 to make a help file to send to the forum and got an error message saying I should relaunch Steinberg Activation Manager to activate Dorico. However SAM would not open and I had to quit dorico without making the error tracking file.

Further to my post a while ago; I tried rebooting my computer just after I made the above post and lo and behold the Steinberg Activation Manager said Dorico 4 Pro was now activated. But I would say to those who might think that my post was a trifle premature that these recurring instances of failures in the Steinberg licencing system are a bit of a worry and I am certainly reassured by the salience and promptness of replies to posts in this forum. I have for instance been made aware that other Dorico users are getting error messages when opening earlier versions of Cubase which relate to the licencing of extra Halion content which is available to them because they are running Dorico 4, messages which I have been seeing since the installation of the first update to Dorico 4