Error message (Soft-e Licenser)

I plugged the dongle into my computer and started Dorico. This message came on screen twice during the process and had to be dismissed each time:

Soft-eLicenser does not have enough permissions to run properly. Please run LCC to fix this problem.

However, despite the message, Dorico seems to be working normally. I have never had this before.


If you are using the USB-eLicenser, then it’s no surprise that Dorico runs anyway, because Dorico isn’t using the Soft-eLicenser. I suggest you do what it suggests, though: quit Dorico, run eLCC as administrator (right-click and choose Run as Administrator) and let it do its maintenance tasks.

Strange. When you run Dorico off the dongle then the Soft eLicenser should be out of the equation.

At least Dorico seems to run normally. However, it would be a good idea to do the following:
Stop Dorico and run the eLicenser Control Center (aka eLCC). When running the eLCC
it will ask immediately to run the Maintenance Task. Let it run and don’t interrupt.
If afterward you still get those messages when running Dorico, then please shout out again.

Seems to have done the trick. For what it’s worth, Dorico has always run with the dongle on this computer.

Happy New Year!