Error message: Some content could not be loaded... Missing/expired (trial) licenses


After solving some disk space issue, I finally installed Halion 3 which I never install before.
But now the new coming issue is “missing licenses”,
I tried to de-activate and activate the licenses related, but it stills shows up
and many sounds finally showed up there but I can’t use them…

I followed the steps for this issue, but no use…

Many new installed sounds there, but can’t be used…


Do you own HALion Sonic 3 license, or do you use HALion Sonic SE, which is part of the Cubase license? If you are using HALion Sonic SE, remove all the other content by using Steinberg Library Manager, please.

Hi Martin,

Thanks , my fault, I mistook that artist license has Halion 3 included , now I know it’s separate license. Thanks