error message : video service stopped working


I’m on an Imac late 2013, 16 RAM, 1 To SSD, Yosemite 10.10.5

I have a problem with my Cubase 8.5.1

Seems that since i installed the update .1, Cubase has waiting bugs for any operations i do (like create an instrument, before i took 2 seconds, now 8-10 seconds), So my Cubase is much more slowly than before. Maybe it’s because of the update, maybe not… before it worked nicely.

The CPU bar shows that everything is perfect…

I just created a new instrument, then after 2 minutes, an error message came : “the video service for displaying video with a dedicated output device stopped working. This may affect the video playback. Please save your project and restart” - the problem is i didn’t use any video.

What can I do ? How can i come back to the 8.5.0 version ? thanks

Thanks, i tried to change the videoengine in the components (with the cubase 8), it doesn’t help the latency. In turn the error didn’t show again.

How can i come back to the 8.5.0 version ? I don’t know how to do