Error message when clicking on VariAudio edit percentages

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Sorry @Renato_Borges , I do not have this issue, when I click the field I can type in the value and I don’t have any error message :slightly_frowning_face:

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@Louis_R , I edited the steps in the correct sequence for you to check the problem. I did the same test in Cubase 11 and it doesn’t happen.

1 - Tune through VariAudio.

2 - Cut the audio event

3 - Select a part of the cut audio event, click Edit VariAudio and check the part you selected in the event.

4 - Click the number defined in any option: Correct Tone, Align Curvature, Shift Shape or Volume.

5 - A message appears asking you to select “New version”. Select continue or cancel. Result: An error message is displayed.

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Yes, I have now reproduced it successfully.

This is a very serious issue as it completely breaks the code execution.
If we do that multiple times in a row and hold Ctrl-Z to undo the changes, then it will sometimes display the error message and make the History window inaccessible, and Cubase will eventually crash and close on its own after a while.
I think I can narrow it down to how the VariAudio data is handled between Events, since they seem share the same data – and this VariAudio data is based on the whole Clip.

For comparison, this does not happen with AudioWarp, as each Event has its own data, and this can easily be verified by adding several markers to one Event and splitting the Event in half.
The markers that end outside the split Events – in the grayed out part of the waveform – remain displayed, but when we edit them it does not modify the other Event, it is only limited to the Event they are on, it means that if we extend the Event boundaries to retrieve the audio, they will only effect the selected Event (newly created Event from split).
This proves that the Warp data is effectively copied over each new Event when we do a split.

Unfortunately this is not the case with VariAudio, as the data is shared between each Event !
It means that when we split the Event and edit the segments that are outside the split, it will still affect the other Events !

So, I really wish we could have a definitive answer from a developer, as the issue is extremely concerning :

→ Is it normal that VariAudio data is shared between all Events after making splits, and not copied to each individual Event ?
→ If so, what are the reasons why it would work that way rather than copying the data so each Event can have its own parameters, as with AudioWarp ?
→ If not, then what is normal operation supposed to be ? In the current state, if we want to have individual VariAudio settings for each Event, we are forced to duplicate the Events with Alt + drag. This is the only way to actually copy the data and prevent the issue explained above ! Isn’t it much easier to copy the data when making splits directly, just like with AudioWarp ?

You may think I’m a killjoy, but I’m just pointing out the obvious, it’s clearly a serious design flaw.

Here are three crash logs for deeper investigation, I have already sent them through the Safe Mode dialog, but here they are anyway :

Cubase 64bit 2022.8.6 (739.3 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2022.8.6 (683.6 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2022.8.6 (694.3 KB)

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@Louis_R , Glad you were able to reproduce the problem. I agree with everything you said and this problem really needs to be fixed. I really want the team to prioritize this point. Thank you very much for your attention and commitment. Add the Wiki list.

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Done, this is the number 53.

Edit :
Some people may take me for a fool if they read my big post above, but I swear that when I did the test with AudioWarp, all the split Event were created as “new versions”, hence my statements.
I have never ever clicked the box “do not show again” then “new version”, all the Events had directly separate data, don’t ask me why. What is even stranger is that the message prompt definitely appeared when editing VariAudio subsequently.

I don’t see any need for the shared mode anyway, as it is only useful when we resize a split event back to its original length, so that it keeps the changes that have been done in other parts of the waveform/events.
Generally speaking, when you split events at specific places it’s because you want to make smaller individual pieces of audio, and after editing, if you need to duplicate the audio to another track, what will you do ? Well, normally you would select all the events and drop them to the other track while holding Alt, I’ve never seen anyone duplicating only one of the events then resizing it to full size, this is absolute nonsense.

The event edit mode should be set to “new version” by default for VariAudio, so it avoids some problems in case we inadvertently modify segments that are outside the event range.

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Hope that Steinberg will fix this one…

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@Louis_R , Thank!

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@Alexander_D , needs to be fixed. Thanks

Hope hope so! Really. Just one thing, that we need to wait minimum 2 months for the second update… and hooe that it will be fixed in the next update…


@Alexander_D ,
I’m hoping this fix will be in the next update. Thanks

Will we have this issue fixed in the next update? Can anyone give us a position?

While I understand, that this is bothering you:

Did you open a support ticket Sign in ?
If you encounter a problem, post it there instead of posting over and over again on this thread. The ticket will be sent to the Support staff directly.

But it could happen, that this won’t be categorized as high priority, as there are other more serious bugs which happen more frequently and which have no workaround.

In the meantime you could use the handles on the variaudio events or use the sliders by using the mousewheel or just dragging them.

I believe you are having this issue with variaudio, as some other people could reproduce it as well. But I work everyday with Variaudio, often all day, tuning vocal performances for my clients for hours. I never had any issue with it, and I tried to reproduce it here with the steps mentioned above, but I couldn’t.

It bothers me yes, because it’s a software that I’ve been using for a long time and I’ve never had this problem. I found this error working and it saves the project with another name, being able to close the Software as our friend said. I commented again because there was no comment on the official position of the team, which comments on all other posts here from other users and, even seeing the DMP files, did not give a position here in my post. For me, and I believe that for many users, it is an error that needs to be fixed, because it happens without any reason and unexpected, in short, a system ready to run Cubase perfectly. Following the steps you will be able to reproduce. Thanks for the positioning

It happened again. I’m sending the Print of the problem.

@Louis_R, I couldn’t generate the DMP files to send to support. Did you report the ones you generated to the team?

Yes I did. Don’t worry, this bug will probably get fixed in one of the next updates.
Don’t forget to open a support ticket explaining the issue in details and giving a link to this forum page, if not done already.

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@Louis_R, Glad there is a fix for this problem. I will try to make the Ticket again. Thank you very much for your attention and commitment! Big hug!

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The same bug still present in version 12.0.50

@Louis_R , Can you confirm if this bug is present in this version?