Error message when clicking on VariAudio edit percentages

@Louis_R, I couldn’t generate the DMP files to send to support. Did you report the ones you generated to the team?

Yes I did. Don’t worry, this bug will probably get fixed in one of the next updates.
Don’t forget to open a support ticket explaining the issue in details and giving a link to this forum page, if not done already.

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@Louis_R, Glad there is a fix for this problem. I will try to make the Ticket again. Thank you very much for your attention and commitment! Big hug!

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The same bug still present in version 12.0.50

@Louis_R , Can you confirm if this bug is present in this version?

its not listed in the release notes, so it probably was not fixed.

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I’ve not been able to reproduce this at all in 12.0.50 by following these steps. Have you tried temporarily disabling your preferences, then trying to make the same edits?

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@Tj99 , it’s not even on the list. No correction was made, unfortunately.

@Romantique_Tp , I’ve tried disabling preferences and the same problem happens. I reinstalled Cubase again but this error persists. Since the initial version 12.0.

Same problem in version 12.0.51.

Hi, the 12.0.60 update is out and the following is stated :

When changing VariAudio parameters on shared copies of Audio Events.

So this was possibly resolved, I’ll test this when I have time to confirm.

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@Louis_R , problem fixed in version 12.0.60. Thank you very much!

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