Error Message


When I open a song I’m working on in Cubase 7.5 I get this error message (usually has to click it twice to get it to go away). I don’t have or know what Amp Sim Pro is. I am using Guitar Rig in the song but that is Native Instruments and registered so that shouldn’t have anything to do with the e-licenser.

I checked Halion and only have one thing in there (Glockenspiel) which is a registered item and I do have other Instrument tracks going but all are licensed (Rhodes, Groove agent, etc)

Any ideas what could be casing that to pop up every time I open the tune?


Looks like someone tried a trial version of that product, and the trial expired.

Thanks, I don’t recall ever trying it but it might have been part of the Halion trial when I first got Cubase 7. That was a while ago though for it to start popping up now. I’ll see if it happens on new songs moving forward. if so if there a way to get it to stop?

thanks for the quick response too!

Maybe you’ll find out something by searching the web for that plugin’s name.

ok, thanks