Error messages

This has gone on for awhile now.

When starting Halion Sonic 3.2.20 in either C 10 or Logic Pro X I get this message.

I just installed the latest UR28M tools…then uninstalled the usb driver and reinstalled the LATEST USB driver and updated the elicenser.

Ran elicenser maintenance successfully …re booted the computer.
Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 10.04.58 PM.png
The HS 3.2.20 was validated in Logic

Error message seconds after running the elicenser maintenance tools successfully
Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 10.05.44 PM.png

Please start your eLicencer program as ‘administrator’ and perform a maintenance task. After this it should be OK.

I’m on Mac

So? You still have an e-licenser to run Cubase, don’t you?

My account is the administrator account I believe.

So now I just purchased Groove Agent 5 and while Cubase 10 started fine with no errors GA 5 will not initiate. See error

Image containing eLicenser serial number removed…

Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 11.24.36 PM.png

Forget the administrator thing. You’re on a Mac. Just run the maintenance routine in eLicenser as suggested above. I had a similar situation with GA5 after installing it and running the maintenance routine cleared it up.

Thank you. I’ve done that several times and it has not fix my problem. I transferred all of my licenses to a brand new USB dongle this evening and I’m still receiving issues. Sometimes they are Cubase 10 startup issues with warnings indicating that it cannot read a valid license and other times it’s Groove agent or Halion Sonic errors.

So here’s the other interesting part. I have a boot camp partition with Windows 8.1 installed which never gives me any errors at all! Same Hardware different operating system. Both 100% clean OS installs.

The strange thing is it’s the Soft E-licenser, not the dongle…

…indeed, this is probably the key to the issue. I know for Windows systems Steinberg actually have in the past made a soft license cleaner (or something). Another solution has been to delete the stored soft license files (not just un-install the licenser). I have no idea whether there is a similar process for Macs but might be worth a search.