error msg!!!!

while i’m opening my cubase le6 an error msg showed up “no valid license for REVerence Music”. why does it show.though I’m a registered and licensed user…

REVerence is not included in LE. My guess would be that you installed a trial of Cubase 7. Uninstall the trial and remove REVerence and you should be all set.

thanks for the previous reply. :slight_smile:
now i need an another help…
can i assign a sustain pedal for change the preset? if yes, how can i do that?

No, there is not an option to have sustain pedal signal change the preset.

then i should use a footswitch???

The only option I can think of how be to setup a key command to select the “Next” from Preset. However, you would need to have the Media Bay window open I would expect for this to work.

What are you trying to change presets between (a plugin preset, a virtual instrument preset, a track preset, an external sound module patch, etc)?

actually, i want to use that on a stage performance or live show. i have Yamaha mm 6 keyboard and cubase le6. but the problem is, i don’t know how i can change 1 tone to another without touching my laptop. but i saw some people to do that with some pedal or anything else. now i’m so helpless… :frowning:

If you are trying to change the patch on your MM6, you could do that through the keyboard itself. I’d suggest checking with Yamaha for help with that.
If you are trying to change the sound of virtual instrument within Cubase, I’d suggest setting up multiple Instrument tracks, then use Input Transformer. You’ll need to control the MIDI Channel output from your MM6 to control the desired instrument (for example, a Piano sound on channel 1, an Organ sound on channel 2, Drums on channel 10, etc). I hope this information helps.

Thanks for your help… :slight_smile:

It would be nice to control such a thing without a specific keyboard. :slight_smile: