ERROR: New Project - Initializing

I’ve saved a project. Next step I open a new project.
The mixer settings are not initialized - Plugin settings from the saved project are shown.

… did that happen only once? Or do you have a repro which always results in that behaviour? Every little detail will help is to find the problem.

Thank you,

Hi Michael,
I can reproduce the behavior.
From a opened Mixer-Window I save project “A”. Then I choose new project.The Mixer-Window of the new project contents the plugins of project “A”.

It’s the “Main”-Mixer content !

… ah, I see. It’s only about the Plug-Ins in the Main channel of the Mixer. I see. The Plug-Ins will not be removed when you are starting a new project. Please use the workaround to quit VL, start it again and start from there with a new project. We’ll fix it, but I cannot promise a fix for the next update.