Error On Closing Projects with Softube Plugins

Under certain circumstances, when closing projects with inserted Softube plugins, I receive a “Ein schwerwiegendes Problem ist aufgetreten, versuchen Sie Ihr Projekt unter einem anderen Namen zu speichern […]” message.

This is what I noticed:

I can perfectly isolate the problem and connect it to Softube plugins. If I hide my softube plugins and start Cubase without them, the problem does not occur.

Likewise, If I add Softube plugins to certain projects with no problems, the aforementioned error might occur. However, it is not as simple as it might appear.

If I start a new project, I can add as many Softube plugins as I want and no problem occurs. So it’s not the softube plugins alone. But I was not able to find out what the secret factor is. I tried to isolate it but without sucess. I can find no direct relationship to another plugin (vendor) so far. I’m pretty sure that it depends on the complexity of the project, too. So the best way to try to reproduce this is to add softube plugins to old, complex projects.

I also tried the newest Ilok Driver, Cubase 8.0.0, 8.0.10 and 8.0.20.

Win 7 64 Bit , latest updates.

Dear Mod, I made some weired typos and errors on my last reply. Please submit this one instead:

I investigated this issue further and found something very interesting and 100% reproducable on my system:

The aformentioned problem only happens if I add instruments tracks to a project. It does not matter if I add external hardware instruments or virtual instruments like Groove Agent or Halion Sonic. It seems that more instruments mean a higher chance of “crash on exit”. It seems like 4 instruments or more mean a 100% crash rate. With only audio and midi tracks added, no crash happened so far.

I use latest Motu and Esi Midi drivers by the way.

I made further tests and can say that these errors do not happen with Cubase 7.5.0 at all. I made these tests with Transient Shaper by Softube but tests I did some time ago showed same results with Dynamite and Spring Verb.

I just tested 8.0.30 and I can still trigger this error. This error by they often leads to a DAW crash.

Help !