Error on launch of 4.3.11

Got the following error on the splash screen after installing 4.3.11:

It eventually recovered after several minutes and seems to be functioning properly.

That error message suggests that Dorico was unable to parse the RSS feed that it consumes to populate the Latest News and Videos sections of the Learn page in the Hub. However, that in itself won’t stop Dorico from starting up: it will just end up with those sections of the page blank if you look at them.

So it is very likely that something else was preventing Dorico from completing its initialisation at that point, probably something related either to licensing or to the start-up of the audio engine. If you’d like to do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here, I can take a look and see if I can determine what the problem was.

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When I opened Dorico this time, I didn’t get the error. Based on your description, I’m wondering if it wasn’t due to my VPN. I use Proton VPN and recently started using their Stealth Protocol and have run into a few more instances where there are problems.
Here’s the Diagnostic ZIP file:
Dorico (3.8 MB)

Thanks for sharing your diagnostics. It does show that it apparently took around 90 seconds between the audio engine being launched by Dorico and Dorico being able to connect to it, but that doesn’t appear to have been repeated. Keep an eye on this and let us know if this recurs.

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Will do. Thanks for looking into it.