Error opening file from Windows Explorer

I nearly always get an error message, when I try to open a Dorico file from the Windows Explorer: “Fehler: Ungültiger Parameter” and afterwards “Fehler beim Öffnen der Datei”.
I predict, that this has to do with special German charakters like “ä”, “ö” or “ü”. This is not new to Dorico 4, but I was hoping, that this problem would be solved one day. I don’t have any problems like this opening files in other programs.

It’s more likely to be caused by e.g. a comma or other similar separator in your filename. Can you share a couple of complete paths (i.e. all the way from the drive letter to the end of the .dorico filename) that cause the problem?

Hi Daniel,
I did some testing:
There seems to be a big difference, if Dorico is already running or not. All files, I tested this morning, open, when Dorico is not running, but I get the error message, when Dorico is already running.

Yes, quite possibly, because of the way the filenames get passed to Dorico to prevent another instance of the application from starting. Do you find that every file you try to open when Dorico is already running fails to open, or only some? If only some, what is the complete path ofone of those files?

Did some more testing:
The comma seems to be the problem. Charakters like ( , ) , ä, ö, ü, _ don’t have any problems.

My main score folder has 56.865 files in 4.452 folders. They are structered in categories and composers. All composer folders are saved as “Bach, Johann Sebastian” (last name “comma” first name). Therefore no Dorico file will open from the Windows Explorer for me. Opening the files from inside Dorico is no problem. I didn’t discover similar problems with any other notation program I use. I really hope, that this problem will be solved one day, because I can’t rebuild my whole file system just because Dorico can’t cope with a “,”.

Yup, this problem is well-known to us. It’s not trivial to fix, otherwise we would have fixed it by now! But it is definitely something that we hope to fix in future.

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