Error opening file: invalid file format, Dorico won't start

After installing the latest window 10 update today I’m finally getting around to using Dorico. When I try to open the program, soon after the Audio Engine part of startup is done I get the following message. Once I click on “OK” Dorico exits.

“Error opening file: invalid file format”

Clicking on more details says it is this file:
C:/Program Files/Steinberg/Dorico4/playback/PluginPresetLibraries/HSSE/presets.xml

Other than the Windows 10 update and installing an update to a Native Instruments program I’ve not done anything else in way of changing my computer.

Before I start reinstalling Dorico and/or the NI program, does anyone have any ideas what’s wrong?

Reinstalling is definitely the best way to go in your case… I would run the Dorico installer and in there choose the Repair option.

I didn’t see a repair option in the download manager so I reinstalled it. That did the trick. Thanks.

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