"Error opening file" message


I’m getting an “Error opening file” message when I try to open a project I was working on yesterday. I also can’t open any of the five backups, which go back about 10 minutes prior to the current version. Regrettably, I emptied my trash so there are no backups in there. I had just upgraded from Dorico 3.1 to 3.5 yesterday before continuing work on this project, but I’m pretty sure I had saved and reopened it in the new version without a problem until now. My computer’s battery was low so I saved and closed the lid. I wonder if that had anything to do with it but if so I don’t know why all the backups would be corrupted as well. The significant actions I remember taking are:

  • Attached a video file
  • Imported a MIDI clip generated in Ableton Live which created a new flow
  • Deleted the flow
  • Undid several actions until the state of the project preceded the MIDI clip import

Link to project: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zjv5IchUjN_1J_iddcmeG_U9MEias4_p/view?usp=sharing

As a side note, this being my first post, let me add that I’ve been a Dorico user for two years now and this is the first issue I’ve really had. The software and the support are both second to none. Thank you, Dorico team!

Welcome to the forum, @simonbnatural, and sorry to hear that you’ve run into this problem. I can confirm that there is some kind of internal error with this project and I’m unable to open it. I will ask my colleagues in the development team if there’s anything they can do to recover the data.

Thank you very much for your help.

My colleague Andrew was able to fix your project. The problem was caused by the drum set instrument in the second flow. Do you have any recollection about how you added that player and instrument and about anything unusual that happened when you did so? Did you import MusicXML from another project or anything along those lines?

clippy fixed.dorico (911.2 KB)

Wow, thank you so much! And many thanks to Andrew! May your days abound in joy and contentment. I think that player was created when I imported the MIDI clip. It created the flow and I believe it created a new drum set instrument. I didn’t quite understand what happened so I attempted to undo the import. Here is the MIDI clip in case it might be useful: Drum Set.mid.zip (1.2 KB)

And here’s a sonnet to express my gratitude:

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The exact same thing as described in this thread has happened to me. I have tried opening my backup file, but the same thing happened there. How can I fix this?
Apart from this , I have used Dorico for more than a year now and have not had any other issues.
Thank you!

Update: Now other projects are not opening, but rather getting stuck at 10 %. I reinstalled Dorico and Elicence control center, but this has not worked. I have no idea what to do about this and hope someone can help!

Welcome to the forum, @eliaspellicer, and I’m sorry that you’re having this problem. Have you tried rebooting your computer? In case any of the related processes (eLicenser, the audio engine, etc.) have stalled, that should clear everything up.

Hi and thanks for your reply.

Now all other projects are working, but this one says “Error loading file”. I have tried everything I could think of.

You can send the project to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I will see whether it’s recoverable, but it may well not be. Take a look inside the Backup Projects folder inside the Dorico Projects folder on your disk: hopefully you will find a recent backup in there.


I’ve sent it to you, thanks!

I have the same issue with two projects. They both contain a percussion-kit that I created. Is there a remedy to this? I’d rather not do the work on those projects again, even though I hadn’t got that far.
Also, I am reluctant to use my custom kit again.

Best regards,

Welcome to the forum, Fredrik. Can you zip up and attach your project here, and we can take a look and see if any part of it is recoverable?

Also, please try looking in the Backup Projects folder inside the Dorico Projects folder in the documents folder on your computer to see whether or not there are any earlier saved versions that you can still open.

There’s no earlier versions that I can open. I’ll attach the zipped file here.
Thanks a lot!
John the Revelator (error).dorico.zip (1.4 MB)

Thanks, we’ll take a look and see if the project is recoverable.

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We’ve taken a look at your project, Fredrik, and unfortunately it’s looking quite difficult to recover. Could you say a bit more about how you created it? Did you create a custom percussion kit in this project, or did you import it from another project? If you imported it, do you have the original project in which your percussion kit was created, or the exported .doricolib file in which you exported it from the first project in order to import it into another? Did the project start life as a Dorico project first, or did you import a MusicXML file? If you imported a MusicXML file, can you provide that file as well?

I’ll attach the file in which I originally created the percussion-kit. That file seemed to have some trouble with the automatic spacing, so I started a new file (in Dorico) and imported the kit.

The attached file was originally created i Dorico. It was created by saving another project under a new name.

I have started again with the score and imported the kit once again (making sure I had a backup before I did). The current Dorico-file I’m working on seems to open correctly every time.
John the Revelator (OLD).dorico.zip (1.6 MB)

I’ll also attach the .doricolib file with the kit, as well.
Human perc.doricolib.zip (2.3 KB)

Thanks for providing these additional files. At first glance nothing looks at all suspect in the percussion kit, but we’ll look at it further.

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