Error opening file (Music XML)

I member of the band have played all the parts into Cubase. I’ve asked him to export those file to MusicXML. Dorico won’t open the file (error opening file). When I open the file in Finale it works.

Version of Cubase:

Cubase, Version 9.0.20, Build 209

As usual, we would need the file itself in order to diagnose this problem. Please zip up the MusicXML file and attach it here. In the meantime, if you can open the MusicXML file in Finale, then you can of course export a new MusicXML file from Finale and then open that in Dorico.

Hi Daniel,

Will you remove the file after download?


Yes, I have removed the file.

I think this problem is simply caused by the file extension being in upper case. If you change .XML to .xml you should be able to open the file. We’ll fix this so that Dorico is not sensitive to the case of the file extension in future.

Oh! Thank you. I have change the name before the extension many times to look that’s the problem. But it is the extension! Thanks, have a nice day.