Error Opening File on Windows


I have also had the “error opening file problem” alert pop up when I try to open the attached project on windows, and I have the same problem with a backup (which I attached).

As far as I remember, I saved progress on this project, closed the project, and then turned off my computer.

I added the .zip extension to these files, I didn’t zip them up.

I am unable to use the script discussed in a prior post because this windows computer doesn’t have a real shell in it unfortunately.

Thanks for any help.
2017-08-13 00-46-57_Untitled Project (614 KB)
Untitled Project (614 KB)

I will ask the team if there’s anything that can be done to recover these projects, but I’m afraid I’m not hopeful. I’ll report back when I have news.

Unfortunately we can’t even open the zip file you’ve sent: could you attach the projects to an email without first zipping them, and send them to d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de?

Daniel, I did not try to unzip grenouilles files, just erased the .zip ending. The dorico file shows the “Error opening” file warning though:

Error opening file.png

just checking to see, wether one can attach any file in this forum by just adding a “.zip” to the file name.
Test with file “dorico-popovers-1.0.10.pdf”
I add “.zip“ to the file name and get “”
This is not a zipped file, I am just trying to trick the forum software: (397 KB)
So just download this file, get rid of the “.zip” extension and enjoy the pdf file :slight_smile: