Error opening file

got the “Error opening file” message, all the backups don’t open as well, any solution to this?
Seu_Zimra.rar (403 KB)

I will ask the team if they can work out what might be wrong with this project file. I’m afraid that on the rare occasions we have seen this kind of corruption, we have not been able to recover any data.

I’m sorry to hear that, but hopes for the best.
this file is a start of big hymns notation, I wanted to start notating it in Dorico, but if I can’t rely on its stability it’s a huge problem.
Do you have a recommended workflow to avoid such disasters?

No, I don’t have any recommendations to avoid it because we are not aware of any specific action that could cause file corruption. We have saved tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of Dorico files in-house and we now have thousands of users creating tens of thousands more documents, and we have seen corruption in fewer than a handful of projects. All of them have shown evidence of interruption of the save operation itself because the project file itself is malformed. The project file you uploaded is not obviously malformed as far as my limited ability to diagnose such problems goes, but until one of our developers looks at the file I can’t provide any further observations.

Our developers have been looking at this project for several hours today but have unfortunately been unable to recover the data from it. Some editing operation (or combination of operations) you have performed have managed to cause a fair bit of damage. To be clear: this indicates a bug in one or more of our editing operations rather than anything you have done, but unfortunately we cannot tell from the current state of the project what operation might have caused the problem.

Can you tell me anything about the basic steps you took while working on this project? Did you import data from other programs or from other Dorico projects? Did you do a lot of editing in Setup mode to flows and players?

Imported nothing.
3 flows.
no editing to layouts.
I did, however, changed a lot of the engraving options, and saved as default.

So you simply started a new project, created three flows, and input some music? You did no other operations at all in Setup mode?

nothing that i recall besides changing the layout options.
I did created 1 flow as Ossia and nested it as a frame in another flow.

OK, thanks. I’m sorry that we’ve been unable to figure out what might have gone wrong.

oh, now that I saw your post about the bug, I do recall duplicating one of the flaws!

Your project only had a few bars of music in it, but if you do need us to recover it, we could potentially do so. Let me know. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.

You can safely use Split Flow and Duplicate Flow provided you do not have any “empty-handed” players in your project.

Thanks, already did it.