Error or Bug? with grouped events

Has this happened to anybody?

After opening an 8-bar space in the middle of a song and selecting all the tracks from another 8-bar section of the song and coping them to the empty space I got this weird error:

  • When I select a track event, it will also select several (not all) tracks event like if they were grouped. This happens with some tracks which has no relation at all with the copy&paste events I mentioned before.

if this is a bug, it is a very serious one because it will render the session unusable to edit or mix it because you can not select a particular event region and edit it.

I double checked the grouped/linked icon in the event and the Group/Ungroup option in the menu is gray.

Am I missing something here? Anybody with same problem?


Not to me personally, but it sounds similar to this… ?

Yes, I posted this in the other thread. Although I noticed it with midi, what you’re experiencing is the same as me. And yes, this is very scary! Also, I can’t find anywhere in the manual anything about “grouped” events, am I missing something?

Anyone else experience this? It’s really annoying and makes midi editing almost impossible…

Here’s a project file to demonstrate what I mean… Select one of the unmuted bass parts and the part under (drums) gets selected as well. The same thing happens with the muted tracks…

event group error demo.cpr (1.82 MB)

On your “midi” folder, I notice that the button for “group editing” is currently lit…

Click that button and group editing will be disabled… the parts can now be moved independently from each other.

But weirdly, if you then re-enable “group editing” , then only some of the parts get linked together


Thanks so much! I expected it was user error (a setting I didn’t no existed, I knew it was there for audio folders) and I don’t really care what happens when I turn it back on, at least I can work!