error: realtime algorithm has been deactivated....

realtime algorithm has been deactivated because pitch or stretch factor lies outside the limits of the current preset.

I got this error message when I tried to copy and paste a guitar around to create the illusion of having two guitars playing.

I am working with a free time recording with multichannel drums and guitars. I used the " set tempo from definition" function to be able to do this
and I have done it befoe in other projects with successful results, however for some reason I get this error.

does anyone know how to solve this?


Could it be cause by wildly different tempo somewhere in your tempo map?

Possibly using bounce selection on the event before copying may help?

Hi Thanks, it helped!

There was no wildly different tempos, but bounching worked. However it did not help bounching before copying, but bouncing
before using “set definition from tempo”. No problems after that, really thankful! time to get to work now, lots of copying and pasting to do.

by the way, what does bouncing do? if there are inserts on the track it stores them into the track right? so if I dont want to make those settings permanent I should turn of all inserts before I bounce? how about volume and panning?

Bounce selection works only on the audio event. No inserts or other mixer settings are included.