Error report

The following error report pops up every time I open Pro 9 - I open to a blank File Group page:

“Error reported by plug-in RVox Mono:
At this insertion point, the plug-in cannot accept the number of input channels.”

I always simply click the OK button and carry on opening audio files for editing…

It doesn’t affect the running of the program and I am able to run RVox Mono in the Master Section despite this so this isn’t a killer, but it’s annoying and only began after the update to Pro 9. I’ve tried unchecking RVox Mono in the preferences plug-ins page. But have no other ideas at this stage.

You mean, this happens because the plugin RVox Mono is inserted in the Master Section?


There ya go!! Forgive me, I’m not a power user…

Yes, it was left in the Master Section - so I assume when I opened Wavelab with no file for it to work on it objected!
Now that I have taken it out of the MS there is no error report.

I use RVox Mono in my custom batch processing - no need for it to sit in MS all the time.

As I say, minor issue but it’s good to not have that error pop up every time I open the program.
Thanks for the nudge in the right direction.