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Dear developers,

I closed the lid of a macbook pro (m1 max, 2021) connected to a thunderbolt dock with a tv monitor (on), USB audio interface (on. MOTU UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid Overview). After reopening, I change the layout of the project, but Dorico 5 unexpectedly closes with the following error report t sent to Apple (When Dorico 5 was restarted, I was asked if an error report should be automatically sent to Steinberg. I let it send a report to Steinberg. However, I am posting here to explain what I was doing just before Dorico 5 crashed):

error (14.5 KB)

Is there a Diagnostics Report in there? (I haven’t opened)

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Oh, thanks!
Dorico (1.8 MB)

The crash is deep in Qt framework code and I’m afraid I can’t provide any intelligent information about how you might avoid it. Hopefully you won’t encounter the crash again, but if you do, please provide a new set of diagnostics.

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