Error Saving File in Dorico 4

Hi there!
Very impressed with the update overall!
Just wanted to point out that I’m having a recurring issue while saving a project (or a project as a template): I get the message ‘‘error saving file’’.

It doesn’t really matter, because the file IS saving, so that’s the good thing :slight_smile:
But am I the only one having this issue?

M1 MacBook on Monterey, run in Rosetta, if that matters. Cheers!

I believe this is a problem when saving a file that is not currently activated for playback. If so we already have a fix for it in our internal builds and it should be in the forthcoming maintenance release.

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Ah, yes!
I checked in a project with the playback activated and no issues there.

Good to know!

The warning should be harmless - Dorico is trying to save the current playback data, but because the project is not activated for playback then there is no playback data to save.

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Richard, so it doesn’t overwrite the existing playback data with nothing?

It shouldn’t do! Are you finding that it does?

No. Just checking!