Error Saving File in Dorico 4

Hi there!
Very impressed with the update overall!
Just wanted to point out that I’m having a recurring issue while saving a project (or a project as a template): I get the message ‘‘error saving file’’.

It doesn’t really matter, because the file IS saving, so that’s the good thing :slight_smile:
But am I the only one having this issue?

M1 MacBook on Monterey, run in Rosetta, if that matters. Cheers!

I believe this is a problem when saving a file that is not currently activated for playback. If so we already have a fix for it in our internal builds and it should be in the forthcoming maintenance release.

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Ah, yes!
I checked in a project with the playback activated and no issues there.

Good to know!

The warning should be harmless - Dorico is trying to save the current playback data, but because the project is not activated for playback then there is no playback data to save.

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Richard, so it doesn’t overwrite the existing playback data with nothing?

It shouldn’t do! Are you finding that it does?

No. Just checking!

Hi Everyone. It’s Tuesday 21st Feb 2023 and i’ve just dug this out because i’m having the exact error message. Seems to be saving ok but it’s really interfering with my work flow. Just asking because this was flagged up January 2022. I’m sure it’s been fixed by now but I can’t find the fix. Help. Wayne.

I do not believe this is still a general problem, although I am not saying that something unusual could not be happening with your file.

Can you create and post a diagnostic report (from the Help menu)?