Error saving file + no such file or directory

Hi folks,

Dorico Pro 3 is showing “Error saving file” when I try to save or save as, but then it creates a corrupt file with attempted name. (When I try to open those files, it says “no such file or directory”.) Program is running on Windows 10 64-bit.

So far, per another thread I saw, I’ve tried rebooting my computer, reinstalling Dorico, and checking my drive for errors, to no avail. I did download Microsoft Process Monitor per that thread recommendation and have attached the file that showed results from that. Since the Dorico files are corrupt, it says “invalid file extension”, so… yeah, any help would be super appreciated! Thank you! (1.64 MB)

Could you try doing Help > Create Diagnostic Report from Dorico itself and attaching the resulting zip file here? Also, please try creating a new project with a piano in it, then save it, and zip up and attach that resulting project file as well. We’ll get to the bottom of this!

Done and attached! It did say error saving file again, so I’m not sure what that’ll mean for the zipped .dorico file.
Test (321 KB)
Dorico (266 KB)

The file you’ve saved is not corrupted: it opens OK, though it doesn’t contain any audio engine data, which I imagine must be significant. At first glance everything also looks OK from the audio engine’s own logs in the diagnostic folder, so on the face of it I’m left without much to go on at the moment. When you start a new project, add a player holding an instrument and add notes, do you get any audio feedback? If you switch to Play mode and open the HALion Sonic SE plug-in window, when you click the piano keys at the bottom of its window, do you hear sound?

So that got some interesting results! I added players and notes as you suggested and:
-on first pass in playing from Write mode, it played a key-banging chord and then played what was written
-switched to Play mode and did as you instructed and no sound came out. In the “VST instruments” sidebar, trying to click the input was difficult (the dropdown menu refused to stay open), but DoricoBeep and Symphonic Orchestra both output audio
-switched back to Play mode to add more notes, and it did a funny thing where it let me select all kinds of note length values at the same time (picture attached)
-tried playing again from Write mode and this time got nothing.
-AutoSave keeps reminding me every few minutes that “error saving file” is still a thing

All relevant files attached! Thank you so much!
Dorico (269 KB)

Test (325 KB)

This is a strange one - it’s not quite clear to me where this could be going wrong aside from the diacritic characters in your username (though if that was a more general problem then it would be failing for all our Japanese users too). There is a tool you can download and run that would give us some information as to what’s happening here.

  1. Download Procmon from Microsoft:
  2. Run it as an administrator (right-click the icon to do this)
  3. In the Filter menu ensure that ‘Drop Filtered Events’ is ticked
  4. Go to Filter/Filter… and set the top controls to read Process name | contains | Dorico | Include, and then press Add and then OK
  5. In the File menu, ensure that Capture Events is ticked
  6. Run Dorico and you should see the log fill up. When you get the file saving error message, do File > Save to save the events in PML format, and either attach here or mail them to p dot walmsley at steinberg dot de.

Done and emailed per your instructions!

Got it - will respond later.

Let the record show that Paul is a magician and we got the issue resolved!

For anyone following this, the problem was that if you have a username with an accented character, but your region settings aren’t localised (ie if you had a Japanese username on a Japanese system you wouldn’t see this problem because the file paths can be represented directly in the local codepage).

There are three potential workarounds:

  1. in Windows type ‘Region’ into the search bar then Additional Settings > Change date, time or number formats > Administrative > Language for non-unicode programs
  2. Change the username to not have accents
  3. Change the region

We’ve fixed the bug for the next update so that the workaround won’t be necessary in the future.