Error Saving File won't let me create new project

I used to save directly to OneDrive, but recently I changed it into the SSD (where the OS is installed). Since I did that, I can’t save or create new projects. Can you please tell me what I have to have it working properly again?

Also… I’d like to know if you have any tips on where to save the Dorico Backup Projects folder since having it in the same disk seems a bit risky.

Welcome to the forum, diogofaria_. I’m sorry you’re having problems saving projects. I guess this must be a permissions issue? Did you end up reusing your existing user account? Can you save projects to another path outside your user folder?

Thank you for the quick response!
When I was saving it to the Cloud (OneDrive) I was using the 30-day trial. I just bought the program.
I can save the projects on the secondary disk.

I think the problem you have is not Dorico-specific: a bit of Googling suggests that users have experienced problems with the permissions of their user folders after migrating to a new drive.