Error - Serious Problem has occured etc

Anybody got any idea why Cubase Elements 12 keeps crashing on me? I keep getting this error message:


Really irritating and not very helpful to my creative flow!

The error message shows the path to a dmp file, please upload that.

Cubase Elements 64bit 2024.6.9 (1.2 MB)

Here you go!

The error is caused by Groove Agent SE. Check if there is an update for your version or at least reinstall the package to see it it helps


Nice one mate - thank-you!

I’ve got a list of other crashdumps. Just out of interest and so I can see if anything else is causing problems, what do I use to open them? I thought it might be a text file openable with wordpad, but it’s not showing anything that makes sense.

You need a Debugger to ready dumpf Files, you can Download windbg via the Microsoft Store.
Even then, the Output contains lots of deep technical stuff, that might not make any sense.

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