Error:"sorry, connection failed: no reply"

Hello folks,

I´m getting this error when trying to connect to a client´s computer via VST Connect SE performer

Any idea what it means or how to fix it?

I´ve had several sesions, without any issues… His firewall is set up with an exception for VST Connect Performer.

Any ideas?

Maybe tell them to try disabling their antivirus or other security software. Some of them are extremely oversensitive and can get in the way of many things.

We both already setup exceptions on the firewall and antivirus… no luck.

Anyone experienced this error before?

Can you drop me Mail? m.spork (at)


I will! Thanks!

i’m having the same problem … gave my client the number and they cant connect it to me and keep connection failed

anyway i can fix this ?

Hi, Can you please give us more informations? Which Cubase version are you running? Which version of the Performer client has been used? Thanx, Michael.

Hi Michael,

i’m running on cubase pro 9.5.10 64bit
i’m using VST connect SE version and my client uses the VST Connect Performer

some questions: Is that the exact error message you get? As you appear to be using ID connection (number input), you know there must be a blank (space) between the 2 number blocks, right? Other than that, said message usually appears when UDP is blocked from one of your computer which in turn is not by default. If you have some security/virus protection software, try to disable it and see if it works.


yeaa we are getting exact the same error msg " sorry, connection failed: no reply"" even we tried to login using our email also cannot be connected, plus we have disable all our security/virus protection software

That’s unusual. If you could provide at least one of the names (not email or mySteinberg name, but the name you choose freely each time) we might try to dig the logs if we can find anything. Sorry for the inconvenience.

i will pm you the names

Hello folks,

I keep having the same issue here.
Is there any other workaround besides “disabling the antivirus”? Is there a guide on how to disable these UDP things? I´m not technical savvy in the networking/internet security stuff.