Error too many tracks recording!!

So I used to have a piece of crap computer with the minimum requirements, on board firewire, and Cubase Studio 4 and never had any issues. Since I upgraded my computer to a new Windows 7, 6gb Ram, TB harddrive yada yada I’ve been getting this “error too many tracks recording”, even when only recoring one track.
I’ve upgraded to Cubase 6, installed a pci express firewire card with the TI chipset, upgraded from M Audio Project Mix to Allen & Heath ZED R16 and STILL…same problem.
Most currently I’ve been running 8 tracks - 1 guitar, 1 bass, 6 on the drums. The strange thing is that we can make it through some songs just fine but when things get a little loud and intense is when Cubase can’t handle it.
I read somewhere online that excessive vibration to the harddrive can cause this.
My questions are: Is there any truth to the above statement? Is there anything else that could be causing this?
If necessary I can post more detailed info about my processor,etc but it should be more than sufficient for what I’m trying to do.

Seeing as you mention it gets loud and a hint about Drive vibration first place I’d check is the hard drive housing. Maybe someone forgot to clip the latches or put too few screws in. Maybe the latches and / or housing is flimsy or a bit slack. Cardboard wedges can sometimes help temporarily.
Could also be loose connectors so check those. And a hard drive performance checker might also throw up some answers.
First call: Right clcik on the drive and goto Properties and then Tools and check for errors there.

I have heard of a similar situation of a laptop crapping out in a VERY LOUD practice room because of excessive vibration.

If you can record say eight tracks or so of silence for a while and see if it suffers the same fate then it’s not vibration from loud music!