Error updating to 3.5.12 on Windows: uninstall, then reinstall using full application installer

Hi @Markus_Leuthel , thanks for your information, but this case is actually different. The error comes because the update installer also checks on the correctness of the current installation. Because of a problem with NotePerformer, I asked quite a few people to replace some Dorico components by hand. These changes the update installer does not like an therefore bails out. So the error text is also misleading in this case, because the installer package is valid, but not that what is to be replaced.
Anyway, the solution is to simply run the full Dorico 3.5.12 installer and that solves the issue.

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Hi @Ulf,

thank you very much for the clarification. Your explanation absolutely makes sense to me. I didn’t really think of the installer’s integrity check after a support-related manual intervention as a possible cause. So - again - thanks also for correcting / enlightening me. I’ll try and keep that specific scenario in mind for the future.

Now I wonder why my NotePerformer installation never gave me any problems [actual (?) version 3.3.2 still installed], since I’ve had the impression that a few other users I’m in contact with seemed to have ran into some problems with its installation and usage. Whereas I must’ve been pretty lucky - at least as of now.

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Right, the majority of NotePerformer users did not face this issue. It depends on the used system and how much buffering the OS internally uses for IPC communication.