error when audio exporting

i have a problem: when i try to export a mixdown, it tells me “no more audio encoding”. this is a problem because it doesnt export my file, or it does, but when i open it, it says the audio file is unsupported.
does anyone know anything??

And you are using Artist 7 ?
And trying to export an mp3 file?

yes i am!
mp3 no, everything i recorded, such as midi, and other, the whole song together

You have run out of the trial MP3 export allowance!

Either buy the add on MP3 codec for Cubase Artist or export as a wave and use anoter encoder to get MP3s

where can i buy it and how much will it cost approx.?
it doesnt work as a wave either!

thanks for the help!!

How are you trying to export the mix?

what do you mean?

Well… you said it doesn’t work as a wave file, I presume you mean exporting as a wave file?

I’m searching in the dark from very sketch info you are providing! The best fit so far was you were trying to export an mp3 and you have ran out of the free number of mp3 exports that the product allows.

yeah, that is probably the most probable :slight_smile:

I would think so :sunglasses:

never mind about the wave file, because i havent tried yet

It should be fine with a wave file, then you could use a free mp3 program to convert to mp3 and save yourself a few bucks.

oh! look at that, thanks for the advice
just out of curiosity, are you an expert with steinberb cubase?

Ha… not really. just been using it for a while, thats all :stuck_out_tongue:

so you are an expert!