Error when connect to Motif or S90 XS - Ports in the host app have not been propely set

When I create a new layer and select “MOTIF XF VST” as the instrument, I keep getting an error message “Ports in the host app have not been propely set”.
I also get the same error message when I try to connect to my S90XS

If I do the same thing in Cubase (11 and 12) everything works without problems.
I have also tried to made some adjustments in my Motif to see if the error goes away but it doesn’t matter what settings I adjust in the Motifs Utility>Control>Midi, I can’t get any further (I’ve probably missed something).

Is there any solution?
Any workarround?

… just a guess : What’s connected to your “MIDI IN 1”? Open “VL / Menu / Devices / Connections…” and check MIDI → “MIDI IN 1”. Is your MOTIF connected to that input?